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Hutchison/MRC Research Centre


Configuration steps

1. Select eduroam from the Wifi dropdown menu at the top right of your screen.



3. Enter you authentication credentials

  • Enter your username e.g. (This is the username you login into you computer with)
  • Enter your User account password
  • Click Join

4. In the Verify Certificate dialogue box, select Show Certificate




6. You should only ever accept Certificates for “”or “”

  • If and ONLY if the Certificate is for ras01 or ras02 and has Hutchison-MRC-CA with in the Certificate chain then continue. Otherwise contact the IT Helpdesk

7. Tick Always trust “” or “”

8. Click Continue

9. Enter your local Mac OS X Username and Password then select OK


Your computer will now be authenticated to the network, after that you should be able to access the internet. If you get an error saying that authentication has failed, double-check the above steps.

All the settings you have made are stored in your computer and should not need re-entering each time you connect to the eduroam network.