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Hutchison/MRC Research Centre


The eduroam wireless network can provide you with wireless Internet access when you are at Centre, and also when you visit other participating institutions and see eduroam in the list of available wireless networks.

list of institutions with University Computing Service provided wireless access points is available. Note that not all have eduroam access available at present.

When you are at a site that also participates in eduroam, you will be able to connect to their eduroam service using your Centre eduroam credentials. This means you will be able to access most of the services you use when you are connected to the internet.

For some local services you will need to use your VPN access to connect your Laptop to the Centers network.

Most sites participating in eduroam use the eduroam network name. If you go to a site that does not you should follow local instructions to connect to the correct service.

Note that when you use eduroam at another organisation you are bound by the Acceptable Computer/Network Use Policies (this is available on the Centre Intranet), the JANET AUP and the AUP of the organisation you are visiting. Breach of AUP could result in disciplinary procedures.


Before you Leave the Unit or Cambridge

  • Check whether the institution you are visiting participates in eduroam.
  • Make sure you have configured, and checked, your system. Configuration notes are currently available for a number of platforms (see below).


Configuration Notes for Various Platforms and Devices

eduroam access using your Unit account is currently only offered to Unit staff on



Mac OS X


Mobile Devices

Note that it is not possible to connect to eduroam using an Amazon Kindle


Note  We use internet content filtering and block access to websites which are deemed of a unsuitable nature. The firewall has active IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) and active Antivirus scanning of supported protocols running, we also have application control enabled to block unsuitable application.

All network activity is fully logged and monitored for unsuitable use.

Note that it is not possible to connect to eduroam using an Amazon Kindle.