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The Cambridge University Department of Oncology, currently comprises 17 PIs (9 Professors, 2 Readers, 6 Lecturers) who span from basic science through epidemiology, to clinic-based research, and who are based in several locations across the Biomedical Campus. The University Department works very closely with the NHS Department of Oncology; and there is also close integration of all the relevant clinical disciplines – medical oncology, radiation oncology, malignant haematology, cancer surgery, pathology, imaging and palliative care, and close involvement of site-specialised clinicians for the different organ systems such as gynaecology, respiratory medicine and gastroenterology.

The Head of the University Department is Professor Sir Bruce Ponder, FMedSci, FRS, and the Academic Clinical Lead is Professor Tim Eisen.  The NHS Clinical Director of Oncology and of the NHS Cancer Division is Dr Hugo Ford.

The CRUK Cambridge Institute,which opened in 2007, became part of the University Clinical School on January 1st, 2013.  Professor Simon Tavaré, FRS, succeeded Professor Sir Bruce Ponder as its Director on 1st February 2013.  Currently, the CRUK Cambridge Institute exists for administrative purposes as a separate Department of Oncology comprising 20 laboratory-based Group Leaders, which however works closely with the University Department.

Members of the University Department based in the Hutchison/MRC Research Centre as Group Leaders are Professor Bruce Ponder, Professor Ashok Venkitaraman and Dr Anna Philpott.

The University Department of Oncology is one of the principal elements of the Cambridge Cancer Centre.


  1. Neil Burnet
  2. Carlos Caldas
  3. Tim Eisen
  4. Duncan Jodrell
  5. Gill Murphy
  6. David Neal (joint, Department of Surgery)
  7. Bruce Ponder
  8. Simon Tavare (joint, DAMTP)
  9. Ashok Venkitaraman


  1. Helena Earl
  2. Anna Philpott

Clinical Lecturers:

  1. Anita Balakrishnan
  2. Gillian Barnett
  3. Tobias Janowitz
  4. Ferndinandos Skoulidis
  5. Sarah Welsh
  6. Edward White



To undertake world leading research into cancer cell biology that can be translated into clinical practice to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cancers.