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Cancer will affect roughly one in every three people at some point in their lives, and improving its prevention, diagnosis, and treatment remains a major challenge for medical science. The Hutchison/MRC Research Centre is a state-of-the-art cancer research facility that arose from a unique collaboration between the Medical Research Council (MRC), the University of Cambridge and Cancer Research UK (CRUK). It was made possible by a generous donation from Hutchison Whampoa Ltd., and is now a leading site for basic and translational cancer research in Cambridge.

The Hutchison/MRC Research Centre houses the MRC Cancer Unit (Director: Professor Ashok Venkitaraman), and elements of the University's Department of Oncology (Head: Professor Sir Bruce Ponder). Our aim is to bridge the gap between basic cancer research and clinical practice through innovative, interdisciplinary research in three major areas - cancer biology, cancer diagnosis, and cancer therapy.

The Hutchison/MRC Research Centre houses active clinicians as well as basic scientists, enabling the rapid translation of discoveries made at the research bench into clinically viable applications at the patient’s bedside. Our work is facilitated by our location on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, enabling fruitful interactions with colleagues in the NHS, the CRUK Cambridge Institute, an outstanding cohort of neighbouring MRC Units and Institutes, and in the clinical and basic science departments of the University of Cambridge.

For more information on the constituent parts of the Research Centre, visit the MRC Cancer Unit website and the Department of Oncology website.